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Social Conversations: Here Are The Facts

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Hi there, I'm Ben. I'm here to read you this amazing article from CM Marketing.

Social Media is widely used by 80% of the US population. Among the vast number of social media users in the US, businesses are also using social media to advertise and promote their products and services.

Businesses have begun to recognize the importance of social media and the impact it can have on their digital presence but is the content being released from businesses matching with what people want to see? In this article, we will talk about how social media users utilize their social media.

32% of social media users use social media to find funny and entertaining content. Most funny and entertaining content revolves around Memes. Memes are small snippets of humorous images, texts, and ideas that spread across social media platforms, especially popular on Instagram.

According to Mediakix, 64% of Instagram users are Millennials. Businesses are slowly recognizing that the influence of memes and other forms of entertaining content can be replicable in their social media marketing campaigns when constructed tastefully and in a way that represents the tone and vibe of their brand. It is especially important to craft ads and posts in ways that attract Millenials, as they are the largest consumers of entertainment-based content.

As much as companies try to entertain their followers on social media using entertaining content and captions, their messages can fail to capture the audience’s attention. 68% of social media users don’t think companies are sharing interesting content. What occasionally happens is companies will create posts that bring focus to their product/services, but oftentimes the posts lack personality, they don't contain a voice, and they're very impersonal. Another common pitfall is that a business can lack variety and creativity when posting on social media. Diversifying social media content by creating small videos or infographics, for example, can truly improve the companies’ engagement and impressions among their target audience, as well as establishing a brand voice and tone for your audience to recognize and engage with.

32% of Americans are more likely to buy more from optimistic and comforting ads. Ideally, companies need to create advertisements that will satisfy their audience. In one instance, Advertising, especially online, can be a hit or miss, because the least trustworthy advertising mediums are online at 41%, and social media at 38%. Companies are more likely to entice their audience into learning more about their product and services by applying transparent or trustworthy personalities, themes, and tones in their social media ads.

Businesses can rise above mediocrity in content posting if they diversify their content with infographics and videos to engage with their audience, invest in the quality of the content they post, and try to provide a consistent optimistic outlook about their product or service.

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