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Show Us The Food!

The restaurant’s home on the web is a very important tool for marketing and advertising your establishment. CM Marketing is here to help you attract attention, provide information about your business, and entice customers to visit your location. 

6 Tactics Restaurants Can Use To Stand Out On Social Media

Time Lapse Videos

People love to watch the process. Bread rising, cheese melting, sauce dripping, all of these add to that "satisfying" feeling users get when watching a video. Try it for yourself!


People are always looking for inspiration in places they never expect. Showcase a recipe and challenge people to try it with a unique #hashtag to get them engaged!


It looks good, but does it taste good? Invite people to share their reactions and reviews of your food in real time! Or, you can make something new and try it camera and invite folks to try it too!

How To's / Tutorials

It's less about "what" you put together, and more about "how" you put it together. Do you have a different method? A unique process? Show us something new!

Slow Motion Clips

Your food looks good and you know it does. Slow-motion shots focus on the best features of your food while helping you reach that crucial 15 sec. video time sweet spot!

Showcase the Space

Do you have a bar? Indoor or Outdoor seating? Party Room? TV's? Stage? Your space can be used for so many things that attract people other than eating. Show your audience some of your spatial versatility!

Gourmet Burgers

Ready To Get Your Restaurant Seen?

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