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Education is One Of Our Biggest Values.

As such, we're proud to offer personal lesson plans that will teach you everything you need to know about marketing and social media.


You'll learn how to create killer strategies, how to create impactful narratives, how to use analytics to improve your marketing, and more!

Social Media For Beginners

Deciding what Social Media platform to join, and how, can be a very overwhelming decision to make. In these lessons, you’ll learn about the advertising options that are available across multiple platforms, the benefits each platform provides for businesses and brands, and how to craft effective social media strategies.


You'll also learn best practices for creating remarkable content calendars for social media, as well as how to use live data to inform your content strategy. 

    • $100/lesson + 4 Lessons = $400

    • Master the fundamentals of social media to boost your brand's online presence.

    • Learn how to engage effectively with your audience and increase your follower count.

    • Discover strategies for creating compelling content that drives user engagement.

    • Ideal for small business owners looking to leverage social media for growth.

    • Marketing newbies seeking to build a solid foundation in digital marketing.

    • Entrepreneurs wanting to understand social media dynamics to enhance their brand.

    • Comprises four engaging 1-hour sessions designed to fit your busy schedule.

    • Flexible learning hours

    • Structured curriculum spanning over two weeks for optimal learning retention.

    • Discounts offered for training your team or staff members.

Sounds Great!

Feel like you’ve been struggling to make your business sound more interesting or engaging? It's time to break out of the mold! This 4 lesson course will teach you how to bring business conversations to life with engaging writing techniques that help you captivate any audience – be it investors, clients, or even colleagues – with inspiring stories built around the core values of your businesses.


No need to worry about confusing jargon or perplexing theories – just simple and straightforward strategies you can use right away!

    • $100/lesson + 4 Lessons = $400

    • Elevate your writing skills to craft compelling marketing content that resonates.

    • Gain insights into persuasive writing techniques that engage and convert.

    • Learn how to blend creativity with data to tailor your message for target audiences.

    • Designed for marketers aiming to sharpen their content creation skills.

    • Budding copywriters seeking to make an impact in the marketing industry.

    • Business owners who wish to communicate their brand story more effectively.

    • Four focused 1-hour sessions packed with actionable insights and tips.

    • Scheduled to accommodate professionals, with evening and weekend options.

    • Every enrollee receives a free companion workbook to reinforce learning and practice skills.

I Have All This Data...Now What?

You've probably been gathering data this entire time with the platforms you use to manage your business. Now what? 

Our comprehensive digital course includes lessons on how to analyze the data you have been collecting for months without seeing the full picture. You will be able to develop buyer personas and create meaningful insight into why customers buy from you and which strategies are most effective for lead conversion. Additionally, this training will help you identify factors that bring customers closer to making a purchase, as well as better understand the dynamics of your business relationship with the people in your network.

    • $400

    • Unlock the potential of your data, turning insights into actionable business and marketing strategies.

    • Learn to interpret data visualizations and analytics for informed decision-making.

    • Discover how to cleanse and organize data for maximum impact and efficiency.

    • Ideal for business owners overwhelmed by data but eager to use it strategically.
      Marketing professionals seeking to enhance their data analysis skills.
      Teams looking to integrate data-driven insights across their marketing efforts.

    • A single, intensive 2-hour session designed to transform your approach to data.

    • Conveniently scheduled to accommodate working professionals and teams.

    • Focused on immediate application, offering quick wins and long-term strategies.

    • Discounts are available for teams or staff to foster a data-centric culture in your organization.

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