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Whether you want to start your content creation journey, or want to make your creatives more impactful, CM Marketing is here to help you step your social media game up!

6 Reasons Influencers Struggle With Growth

  • They don't have an established influencer brand

  • They are not actively and consistently posting in order to see growth from their platforms 

  • They have not built or leveraged important relationships with businesses and brands

  • They do not understand the industry/community they are creating content for

  • They ignore their insights and post without thinking about what their audience wants to see

  • They have not created a foundation for longevity

We can help you:

  • Design content that effectively reaches and engages your targeted demographic

  • Test your content to make sure you're posting what people want to see

  • Learn how to set up the best account type for your content

  • Analyze your Insights so you never miss out on important information about your social platform

  • Monetize your content and set you up with ways to generate income through social media

  • Appraise your account to show you how much you can charge brands to work with you

  • Help you build and leverage working relationships with other brands for ambassadorship, partnerships, or sponsorships

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