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Post Generation & Content Management, Insight Reporting, Performance Analysis
Landing Pages, Databases, Lead Capturing, E-Commerce, Event Planning, Blogs etc..
Position Analysis, Content Creation, Social Media Marketing Plan Consulting
Logo Design, Flyers, Posters, Merchandise, Document Drafting
Insight Reporting, Economic Indicators, GoogleAdd-Ons (Ads, AdWords, MyBusiness)
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How do I get started?

First, fill out my Contact Information Form and tell me a bit about yourself and your project. You can also use the form to request a phone call or meeting where we can talk about your project ideas and what services I can provide for you. Next, we'll get your website or social media project on the calendar. Following this we will discuss a few formalities -- contracts, deposits, etc. Then you'll send me photos, links, and content. After that, you get to relax and wait for me to send you a mockup of your new design. This process generally takes about 2-3 weeks. Occasionally I'll email you and ask for a bit of additional content or feedback or clarification. After all approvals are made, your website or social media project is then published for the world to see!

What are your rates?

WEB DESIGN I offer my services for a total of $1,000, however, I realize this is a lot for smaller businesses to front at one time, so I only ask for a $600 advance to begin the job and the remainder ($400) is due once the site is approved and published. This includes migration of existing content, custom graphic creation, site design, and building, mailing list integration, and answers to your questions along the way. **Disclaimer - the $1,000 only covers paying me for the work of creating your website, this does not cover additional costs involved with publishing/upgrading your website features.
When your website is approved and ready to be published, you will have to select a plan that works best for you. The cost of these plans will vary by need but can range from $86/yr to $600/year depending on the client's needs, business size, databases they'd like to incorporate, etc.
In essence, paying for your website breaks down to:
(payment for work + [ payment for plan + features/installments + upgrades ]) = final cost SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING $500/month. This includes creating content, organizing materials, generating reports, checking insights, developing strategies, and consulting. For this work, I will be very hands-on in terms of making sure all social media accounts are operating at maximum efficiency, which will be discussed during meetings/calls. For a higher post frequency/consistency, I charge an additional $100-$350 depending on how aggressive your social media strategy requires me to be.
I also offer elegant design and content creation services for $50/task, and optional ongoing support and maintenance for an additional $100/month depending on need. For smaller options typically less than a month: Weekly - $175 | ($150 if I have to design ALL content [branding, logos, colors, formats etc.]) 2-Week - $300 | ($250 if I have to design ALL content [branding, logos, colors, formats etc.]) Monthly - $500 | ($400 if I have to design ALL content [branding, logos, colors, formats etc.]) ANALYTICS $175/Channel - Non-Chamber Members $100/Channel - Chamber Members [No charge for meetings] GOOGLE ADS MANAGEMENT
$300/month - 1 Ad Campaign + 2 Analytics Reports E-COMMERCE & MERCHANDISE $200 for Merchandise Design - 10 Items E-MAIL MARKETING Same as SOCIAL MEDIA BRANDING & ASSETS General - $75/Task Logos - $300 (black and white) [$10 for additional colors/gradients/finishes etc.] WRITING & BLOGS Magazines - $1200 (30-pages, digital/print) Blogs - $50/post Documents/Manuscripts - $75 for 5 pages ($10 each additional page)

How long do tasks usually take?

For website, to keep creative momentum intact and prevent project sprawl, I plan 3-5 weeks for each site design. If you get me all your content before we start and answer emails in a timely manner, clients can expect a much faster turnaround for drafts to be completed. For social media tasks, depending on the nature of the task, one can anticipate 1-4 days of turnaround. For writing/design/branding related tasks, depending on length, projects can range from 2-4 days in the short term. Long term projects typically take 6-12 days (depending on the drafting and approval process). For data analysis tasks, one can expect a speedy turnaround of 1-4 hours. This is also dependent on the amount of channels I must review. In order to give each project the attention it deserves, I will be keeping constant communication with you in regards to any changes that may speed up or slow down the publishing process of social media, data analysis, and website services.


Thanks! I'll Be In Touch With You Shortly!


about ME

Hey there! 

My name's Chris Mitchell.

I'm 25 years old, graduated from Marymount California University with 2 Business degrees while serving as President of 3 Student Organizations. I'm currently pursuing my DBA, running my own Social Media Marketing business, and am a nano influencer on social media representing 3 brands.


I started my business, CM Marketing, after receiving an internship opportunity from one of my favorite clients, Bolimini International, in the summer of 2018. Through working with Bolimini, I began to realize that a lot of people were in need of new websites, basic design services, social media assistance, and needed help in analyzing their marketing data. Being in the data and research field since I was 16, I decided to form my own business in 2018, and use my passion and tech skills to help others reach their goals and grow their businesses.

Other Achievements:

  • Board Member: Long Beach Young Business Professionals

  • Board Member: Bridge Cities Alliance

  • San Pedro Chamber of Commerce Marketing Comittee